AMSA Off-road hosts (6) + races a year, making us one of the premier race series in the province of Alberta. Boasting courses to appease everyone from pee wee’s all the way up to Alberta’s (and beyond) most skilled off-road pro racers. New, old, young and everything in between, we have a class for you!

We are proud to be collaborating with the Second Gear Club. Together we are working to make racing more affordable for riders in Alberta by offering one license fee that will allow riders to participate in both the AMSA off-road Championship & Second Gear Club Hare-Scramble series. Our combined goal is to have more individuals and families join the sport.


To be eligible for online pre-entry into an event, you must first purchase the Alberta Offroad Race licence. Once you are an active licence holder you can pre-enter any AMSA Offroad and Second Gear race. 




The Alberta Motorsports Association off-road is the governing body that facilitates the management of the racing series. Each event is hosted by an individual club and is a format of their choosing (Hare-scramble, cross-country, or hybrid). Races are held throughout Alberta and into B.C. The series is focused on promoting sport through the development of rider skill on different terrain and through a class structure that allows growth and advancement. We have a spot for every ability, with classes ranging from Pee Wee beginner to the Pro level. Our association and clubs are stewards of the land and push for environmental awareness. We are committed to promoting a positive image of the sport of off-road motorcycling.




Racer heading out to the dirty moose this weekend, camping details from @rockymountaindirtriders 👆

Head to their page for full details.
Do you like to party? 

We like to party! And we need you to help plan one! 

We are looking for volunteers to be a part of the banquet committee. You would get to help us throw an awesome championship scale  celebration! 

Responsibilities would include: 

Finding a venue or location 
A theme or concept/idea (you have free reign within a budget) 
+ more

If this interests you please email: 
We are 1/2 way through the season, and we’re figuring out our scoring system. Those who pre-enter are quick and easy. It’s the riders that wait until race day that take time. 

So we’re trying something different to speed things up for those that commit to race day.

FAST LANE - All riders that pre-enter will go into the fast lane. We will already have your name and class info and we can then quickly confirm the RFID tag works. DONE.

SLOW LANE - you will have to wait in line with your paperwork until there is a break in the fast lane. Then we have to try and read your writing (lots of illegible hand writing out there) so we can type in your name, class, number, update the system. Doesn’t sound like much, but it sure does slow things down and backs up the line.

What does this really mean…
So we can keep the lines moving fast!